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Tumblr Retribution Bot

Our software is continuously updated and maintained by a professional development team.

Ever wonder how to get more Tumblr followers? This is our Tumblr Post Module, the secret to success on Tumblr. With this Module you can schedule posts, add posts to your Tumblr queue, add posts privately, save posts as drafts and much more… With this Tumblr Module you can keep your Tumblr account up to date, all on auto pilot. You can post spun links, captions, html, and tags on your image posts.

This is our Tumblr Module called the Tumble Promoter. Above you can see a short video demonstrating the Modules Follow functionality. This module will automatically Follow other Tumblr users based on the tags you enter into the software. By doing this you can specifically target engaged Tumblr users that are interested in the content of your blog. This method will get you tons of targeted followers.

In this video we demonstrate the awesome power of the Tumble Promoters Like module. This module works much like the Follow module in the first video. The Module will search and find other users on Tumblr based on the tags you enter into the software, then the Module will start to like pages on their blogs. This method helps you gain new followers and likes for your blog.

Here you can see Tumblr Promoter Reblog functionality running. This module differs from the Like and Follow modules you have seen in the previous videos. The Reblog Module finds post based on tags, however this module also helps you find quality content from other Tumblr users and Reblogs their content to your own blog to help you keep your content up to date and gain Reblogs from other Tumblr users.

This is the Tumblr Promoters Unfollow module in action. Tumblr has limits on how many people you can Follow. This module helps you Unfollow users so you have room to Follow more users. This function is necessary to gain large numbers of followers for your blog. You get all these Modules in one for one low price. You also get free updates and support for the software. If you have any questions before purchasing please feel free to contact support at the top of this page at any time.


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