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Pinterest Pinboard Bot

Our software is continuously updated and maintained by a professional development team.

Ever wonder how to get more Pinterest followers? This is the Pinner Promoter. In the above video you can see the Pinterest follow Module in action. This tool is great for gaining new followers for your Pinterest account. The module finds and targets users on pinterest to follow, based on the tags you provide the Module. This method allows you to only gain targeted and engaged followers that are interest in the your accounts.

In the above video you can see a demonstration of the Pinterest Repinner Module. This Module finds and targets pins by other users based on the tags you provide the software and then saves them to the board of your choosing. This tool works very well to achieve account exposure and also helps you to gain followers and repins from other Pinterest users that have content similar yours.

This is the Pinterest Unfollow Module. This Module helps you unfollow users so you can keep following more and more users on your account. This tool is very important for building large follower based accounts. It also helps you to get rid of users that aren't engaging with your accounts content and make room for following more targeted and engaged users.

We are particularly proud of our Pinterest Pin Upload Module. It allows you to automatically upload images from your computer to your Pinterest account. This tool also allows you to post links and descriptions as well and can effortlessly fill a new Pinterest board in a matter of minutes. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact support at the top of this page. All software comes with free support and updates.

not compatible with mac

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