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This is our Twitter bot called Tweet Promoter. Ever wonder how to get more twitter followers? Tweet Promoter is a tool for growing your Twitter accounts with 1000's of real followers from using the follow, auto follow back, like, tweet, unfollow methods, and much more…

Tweet Promoter runs on the site Twitter. Tweet Promoter and the methods used in it are designed to keep your accounts safe and growing at the same time. Tweet Promoter mimics human behavior and is very hard to detect as a bot when used correctly.

If your one of the many people seeking to make money from Twitter marketing, then you first need 1000's of real followers. This is where Tweet Promoter can and will help you! Once you have 1000's of real followers the cash comes without much effort…

The software comes with detailed instructions, free updates, and free support. If you have any questions or concerns about this software or any of our other products, please feel free to contact support at the top of the page at any time. We also offer free support for new clients that may need a little help getting started.

Auto follow back is very important to your accounts growth, here you can see this function in action. With this module you can quickly follow other users back that have followed you, this helps you keep your new followers, when they see you have follow them back they are unlikely to unfollow you in the future.

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Our software is for Windows operating systems only, we don't support any versions of Mac or Linux operating systems. If your Mac or Linux computer is equipped with visualization technology you can still run our software in a virtual box or alternatively you can rent a Windows Virtual Private Server from the top of the page, and run our software that way.

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