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This is our Soundcloud bot Cloudsound Promoter. This software is used to help you grow your Soundcluod account to great numbers of 1000's of new followers to help you get your music noticed by the masses. Ever wonder how new artists get noticed so fast while it seem like no one seems to look twice at your tracks? It's because there using software like the CloudSound Promoter to help them get there music in front of more people faster.


Ever wonder how to get more soundcloud followers? With CouldSound Promoter you can do many tasks in a short time that would normally take a human days or even months to do on the site manually. The software utilizes methods know to marketer to grow social accounts with great speed. Of course the more followers, like and shares you have on your tracks from real users the more likely you are to become popular. CouldSound Promoter helps you get noticed by users on the site by targeting them by tags and keywords.

Becoming popular in the music industry can be a colossal task and can cost a truck load of money. CloudSound Promoter helps you get the attention you need from the people that you want to notice your music, without all the cash it would normally take. CloudSound Promoter is also great for marketers and musicians alike…

Don't wait! the software is at it introductory price and will increase, buy now while it's still low. All of our software comes with detailed instructions, we also offer free updates and support. If you have any questions please fell free to contact support at the top of the page at any time.

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Our software is for Windows operating systems only, we don't support any versions of Mac or Linux operating systems. If your Mac or Linux computer is equipped with visualization technology you can still run our software in a virtual box or alternatively you can rent a Windows Virtual Private Server from the top of the page, and run our software that way.

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