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How To Activate and Install Insta Promoter: In this video I will give you a detailed tutorial on how to download, install and activate Insta Promoter on any windows computer.

How To Build Insta Promoter Data Folder: This tutorial is the first step you should take when you start the software for the first time. This tutorial will give you a detailed explanation on how to Build the Insta Promoter Data Folder. This folder is where Insta Promoter will retrieve project campaign and account related information. Make sure to not skip this step.

This tutorial is a getting started tutorial for the succession module, this video is meant to get you familiarized with the succession module settings and functions. I go over some of the settings and functions to help you get a better idle on how the software works before getting into the main tutorials. You can also view a second getting started video here:
Succession Module Overview...

How To Setup The Account And Proxy Files: This tutorial gives you a detailed explanation on how to setup and use the account and proxy files. I also explain how they function and work together while the software is running in this tutorial.

How To Setup Project Files: This tutorial gives you a detailed explanation on how to setup and use the project files, and how they work in the software. This step is very important, please don't skip and tutorials and make sure your watching them in order.

How To Run Succession Mode Account Rotation From Project Folders: This tutorial explains the main functions of the succession module and how they work. I also go over the main functionality of the Succession Module, how it works, and how to run succession mode with multi account rotation from the project folders. This is just the first set of many more tutorials to come, these tutorials mainly focus on the succession module.

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Our software is for Windows operating systems only, we don't support any versions of Mac or Linux operating systems. If your Mac or Linux computer is equipped with visualization technology you can still run our software in a virtual box or alternatively you can rent a Windows Virtual Private Server from the top of the page, and run our software that way.