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In this videos tutorial I will give you a quick overview on how to setup and use the files that the Instagram bot will require to run. I will show you how to setup the account, proxy, keyword and comments files.

In this video tutorial I will give you a detailed explanation on how to setup and use the advanced delay settings that the software uses to keep your accounts safe as possible, so please don't skip this video.The dleay settings are used for very good reasons so please make sure that you use them when running the Instagram bot.

In this last tutorial I will go over the main system functions and settings and how to use then. I will show you how to setup and use the Instagram follow bot, Instagram like bot, Instagram comment bot and the Instagram unfollow bot. Please keep in mind that we will be adding move videos to this page when the Instagram post bot has been completed and out of beta testing.

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Our software is for Windows operating systems only, we don't support any versions of Mac or Linux operating systems. If your Mac or Linux computer is equipped with visualization technology you can still run our software in a virtual box or alternatively you can rent a Windows Virtual Private Server from the top of the page, and run our software that way.