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Software Requirements


System Software Requirements:

For our software to run correctly and smooth on your computer
please first install the Software Requirements below. Below are
links to all official downloads from very reputable company's

Java by (Oracal)
Adobe Flash Player by (Adobe)
Chrome Browser by (Google )
FireFox by (Mozilla)
Visual C++ Redistributable by (Microsoft)
.NET Framework by (Microsoft)

If you have windows 8 or older you may not be able to install the newest version of .Net Framework, in this case you can use .Net Framework 3.5 that you can download below. Please follow this guide to make sure you don't already have it install. If you do all you may have to do is enable it.

Hello and thank you for purchasing Tweet Promoter. We as a company thank you for your continued support. We would love to invite you to our mailing list where we provide important product information updates to our clients. Please don't miss out on important product information that may be required to keep you and your software updated correctly. Below you can find the link where to sing up, and the email we send from. Please add our email to your contacts list to prevent missing the email.

Sing up:

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