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This app can't run on this PC


Step One: here is what I need you to do. Please uninstall the bot from your computer. Then navigate to your c:\ drive and make sure there is no file called NAME OF SOFTWARE, if there is C:\NAME OF SOFTWARE then delete it. Then download the latest run time environments from Microsoft here below and the latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7

Step Two: First you have to make sure windows 10 smartscreen filter is turned off, you can safely do this with our software as the smartscreen filter blocks most botting software because they have automation scripting languages in them. Here is a guide on how to disable the smartscreen filter in windows 10, just follow first guide there is no need for you to follow the regisrty tweek as that will disable it forever.

Step Three: Then update your PC, now you should be ready to install the software from the new installer. Do not use the download you have on your computer to install the software from, please download the new installer from the download link provided at purchase the activate it with your code and email.

If you have a slower network at home make sure to disconnect all other devices during the download or update as slow network speed can corrupt the files during download.

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