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TeamViewer Remote Support Setup


If your having a problem on your computer with our software that can't be fixed through the normal support desk, our support agent may direct you to this article for remote support so we can fix the problem for you.

Please install TeamViewer you can locate TeamViewer here Teamviewer Automatic Download once you have it installed please text me the partner ID number and Password to this number. +x(xxx)xxx-xxxx and I will connect to your computer and we can fix this error together. We will be able to use the chat system in TeamViewer to discus what I find. The telephone number above is not a support number and is only used for TeamViewer remote access please don't send support queers to this number at any time, its for one time use only. Please install TeamViewer13 with the settings you see in this image below. TeamViewer13Support.jpg

Thank you, Support

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