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New Software Installers

Hello everyone, I hope your enjoying the new software. I would like you all to know that we have rebuilt our software installers. If your are facing any difficulty please uninstall the software and download the new installer from your download link. Please do this before submitting any support tickets as we have fixed a few errors in the new installer, and your issue may have already been addressed in the new installer setup.

Past Clients

Hello everyone, this is tompots from BHW. As you all may know our software has been down for some time due to personal problems. Good news... I'm back up and running. I have rebuilt all our software, re-branded it and made new videos and a new company called All past clients of all our software are entitled to the new software. We have been sending activation keys and downloads to your emails used at purchase from & if you have not received your activation codes and downloads simply submit a support request with your email used at purchase and we will gladly provide you with your new software.

Company Legacy: >> -> -> -> -> -> ->

  • Software Legacy: >> Instagram Mega Bot -> MB Ingram Edition -> Insta Promoter
  • Software Legacy: >> Tweet Frenzy Bot -> MB Tweet Edition -> Tweet Promoter
  • Software Legacy: >> Tumblr Retribution Bot -> MB Tumble Edition -> Tumble Promoter
  • Software Legacy: >> Soundcloud Mega Bot -> MB SoundC Edition -> CloudSound Promoter
  • Software Legacy: >> Pinterest Pinborad Bot -> MB Pinner Edition -> Pinner Promoter

If you have ever purchased software from any of the listed sites and software above you have a new software activation key on our servers. Please request it today to get activated. You can find all of our Video Tutorials here ->


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